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  • Model: 25 mcg x 30 tab
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Liothyronine sodium 25 mcg x 30 tablets

General Information:
Drug name: T-3/Triiodothyronine/Liothyronine Sodium
Drug class: Synthetic thyroid hormone
Common brand names: T3, Cytomel, Cynomel
Common drug quantity: Tablets: 25mcg. 50mcg. 100mcg

Use and effective range:
Applications: Competition / diet
Anabolic components: slightly anabolic
Androgenic component: not exist

Dose range and duration of use:
Beginners: not recommended
Hobby: 25-75mcg/day
Professional range: 50-150mcg/day
Women: 25-75mcg/day
Application period: 4-8 Weeks

Active Life: 6 - 7 days
Drug Class: Synthetic thyroid hormone.
Average Reported Dosage: 25-150 mcg daily.
Water Retention: Yes
Liver Toxic: Yes